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New Cartoon for March 1, 2013 

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About Carl's Life


In Carl's life the everyday irritations are what we find the most interesting because we can identify, see themselves there and laugh! This site is just for the pure enjoyment of my single panel cartoon humor. To the side you will see a directory of cartoon topics. Disclaimer: All of the content on this site is copyright protected and can not be reproduced in any form with out written consent of the author, Cory Graham


My view on this sort of humor:

By Cory Graham


A big challenge in writing a public cartoon strip is making it appeal to a mass audience. One person's humor is another's reason to sue. One mistake often made with us amateur cartoonist is writing cartoons that are too specific.


I like humor that lets the reader put the elements of the joke together themselves.  I do this often by only suggesting what could have happened in the panel and letting the reader's imagination fill in the rest. Often this will result in humor that is personally satisfying and I guess this is why people's request for my cartoons have lead to the website here.





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